Visit to Harrison Middle School Writing Club

Meeting up with young writers is always a thrill, and this visit  was no exception.  Visiting with Charlotte Agell’s students was very special because I was giving back to Charlotte who had many times visited with the young writers in the after school ESL Writing Club I had at Coffin School in Brunswick when I taught there.  Here’s what Charlotte had to say following the visit:

Here are photos from author Julia O’Brien-Merrill’s recent visit to the 5th/6th Grade Writing Clubs, which combined for the event. Twenty-three kids enjoyed learning about the origins of the Charlie on the MTA song – The Man Who Never Returned!

It was part history lesson, part author visit, part music session.
Here’s a link to the author’s site featuring her book, Charlie on the MTA: Did He Ever Return?
The song was a direct result of her father’s mayoral candidacy in Boston, during the McCarthy era. It’s very much a picture book for all ages.

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