Sharing Charlie on the M.T.A. with students at 826 Boston

Sharing Charlie on the M.T.A. in Boston at 826 Boston in late May was a lot of fun. When I entered the building with my friend Evan, I was approached by many children asking, “Are you the author? Can I have your autograph?” After some tutoring time, the students gathered to listen to the story, sing along with the chorus, and ask pertinent questions.

The staff at 826 Boston were as fascinated by the backstory as the children. Here are comments from Annie Dade who coordinated my visit:
“Thank YOU for your lovely author visit! The kids really enjoyed your story and singing along with the chorus! The singing brought kids of all ages together to celebrate this fun piece of Boston history. We thought it was so lovely how you made the historical artifacts available for perusal afterwards. We also thought you did such a great job working with a group of varying ages and confidence levels. You were fantastic navigating kids who were calling out and engaging others who were perhaps a bit shy.”

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